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Lunt Roman Fort
Lunt Roman Fort, Coventry

COLAS lecture meetings are usually held on the third Friday of the month, at St. Olave’s Church Hall, Mark Lane, London EC3R 7BB, near Fenchurch Street Station in the City of London.

Doors open at 18:30 for a 19:00 start; the lecture is followed around 20:30 with an opportunity to chat with the lecturer and fellow members over tea and biscuits, with a optional extension to an adjacent pub.

Lectures are free to members; non-members are welcome, but are asked to sign the visitors’ book and to donate £3 toward expenses.

COLAS meetings

Guest lecturers are drawn from archaeologists, curators, historians and subject experts in disciplines ranging from Egyptology to industrial archaeology. The year’s lecture programme typically includes reports on recent excavations, current research, new discoveries and historic sites, in Britain and abroad, covering periods from prehistory to the 20th century.

During the summer months, the lecture programme is occasionally varied with a guided walk, or Members' Nights that open the floor for short presentations on COLAS members’ own research, volunteer work or travels.

December’s meeting, usually on the second Friday of the month, is devoted to the Christmas social, with events including a light-hearted lecture, quiz, booksale, raffle, and buffet supper.

Copped Hall
Copped Hall, Essex
Bermondsey Abbey
Bermondsey Abbey, London

COLAS Lectures 2017

January 2017: Raising The Curtain, Excavations at the Curtain Theatre, Shoreditch
Heather Knight, MOLA

February 2017: The Archaeology of Crossrail: Overview and Update
Jay Carver, Crossrail

March 2017: The Work of a Building Curator for Historic Royal Palaces
Daniel Jackson, HRP

April 2017: Excavations at 100 Minories
Guy Hunt, LP Archaeology

May 2017: Ancient Merv, A Forgotten City on the Silk Roads of Central Asia
Tim Williams, Institute of Archaeology UCL

June 2017: Built on Bones, Cities and Their Skeletons
Dr Brenna Hassett, Natural History Museumr

July 2017: From Battle Bridge To King’s Cross The Making of an Inner London Suburb
Rebecca Haslam PCA

August 2017: COLAS Members’ Evening

September 2017: 21 Lime Street, City, Revisited, Again
Lesley Dunwoodie and Ian Betts MOLA

October 2017: Royal Burials at St George's Chapel, Windsor
Lesley Grout

November 2017: Recent Archaeological Discoveries at Holy Family School Walthamstow
Shane Maher PCA

COLAS Lectures 2016

January 2016: Trophy Heads, Soldiers and the Destruction of London c.AD 128
Dr Dominic Perring, UCL

February 2016: The Archaeology of Crossrail: Overview and Update
Jay Carver, Crossrail

March 2016: Behind the Scenes at the Crime Museum
Jackie Keily, Museum of London

April 2016: Archaeology in Bow, the Tudor Mansion that Became a Workhouse
Les Capon & Lucy Whittingham, AOC Archaeology

May 2016: Religious and Ritual Imagery on Roman Pottery from London
Fiona Seeley, MOLA

June 2016: A Pilgrim Progess: Recreating a 14th Century Journey
Steven Payne, Teacher & medieval re-enactor

July 2016: Romans, Wren & Rogers
Walk led City Guide Tony Tucker

August 2016: Recent Projects on Ancient Monuments in Greater London
Dr Jane Sidell, Historic England

September 2016:  The Quest for Shene Charterhouse and the Search for an Old Latrine
Bob Cowie, MOLA

October 2016: Quarrying and Selective Deposition in Roman Ewell
Alexis Haslam, PCA

November 2016: Discoveries at Happisburgh: The early human occupation of Northern Europe
Dr Nick Ashton, British Museum

COLAS Lectures 2015

January 2015: The Ark Long Before Noah
Dr. Irving Finkel, The British Museum

February 2015: A Welcome Piece of Chain Mail
Edwin Wood, Museum of London

March 2015: When is a Torc not a Torc?
Dr. Julia Farley, The British Museum

April 2015: Ritual Protection Marks at Knole
James Wright., MOLA

May 2015: Saxons at the Adelphi
Dougie Killock, Pre-Construct Archaeology

June 2015: Must Farm Excavations
Mark Knight, Cambridge Archaeological Unit

July 2015: Guided walk from London Bridge to Blackfriars Bridge

August 2015: Members' night (presentations by COLAS members)

September 2015: The varied fortunes of Salisbury Hall and Walthamstow Stadium car park
Ian Hog, Archaeology South-East/UCL

October 2015: Turning the Tide: The first year of the CITiZAN Coastal Archaeological Project
Gustav Milne, Institute of Archaeology

November 2015: Embalming in Practice: Mummies at the British Museum
Marie Vandenbeusch, British Museum

COLAS Lectures 2014

January 2014: Archaeological Investigations at Kings Cross Goods Yard
Rebecca Haslam, Pre-Construct Archaeology

February 2014: Art and Archaeology
COLAS Presdent Roy Stephenson, Museum of London

March 2014: Roman Coins, A Window on the Past
Ian Franklin, Historic Royal Palaces

25 April 2014: Early Bronze Age and Iron Age Excavations at Tell Tayinat, Hatay, Turkey
Dr. Fiona Haughey

May 2014: Archaeological Investigations at Convoys Wharf, Deptford
Duncan Hawkins, CgMs Consulting

June 2014: Skeleton Green Revisited (Romano-British Cemetery at Braughing, Herts.)
Mark Hinman, Pre-Construct Archaeology Ltd

July 2014: The Rivers of Ninevah, Archaeology of Iraqi Kurdistan
Ian Jones

August 2014: A Wapping Walkabout
Guided walk led by City Guide Peter Smith

September 2014: Life and Death in the Bronze Age of Southern England
Dr. Neil Wilkin, The British Museum

October 2014: Beyond the Mithraeum, MOLA Excavation at Bloomberg London
Michael Tetreau, MOLA

November 2014: Recent Discoveries in Battersea
Kasia Olchowska, MOLA

COLAS Lectures 2013

January 2013: Execution Dock
Rose Baillie, COLAS

February 2013: Discovering the Old Operating Theatre: 50th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Museum
Kevin Flude, The Old Operating Theatre

March 2013: Conserved Corpses from Egypt to Evita
Robert Stephenson, City of London Guide

April 2013: St. Bride’s Parishioners: contrasting lives of the rich and poor
Jelena Bekvalac, Museum of London

May 2013: The Crossrail Archaeology Project
Jay Carver, Project Archaeologist

June 2013: The Origin of the Species
Chris Stringer, Natural History Museum

July 2013: Postman's Park to the Barbican
Guided walk with Robert Stephenson

August 2013: Members' night (presentations by COLAS members

September 2013: The Maritime Heritage of London
Eliott Wragg, TDP

October 2013: Excavations in the Roman town of Sandy, Beds.
Catherine Edwards, AOC

November 2013: The Cheapside Hoard
Hazel Forsyth, MOL

COLAS Lectures 2012

January 2012: Londinium to Lundenwic, Saxon London and its Region
Lyn Blackmore, Museum of London Archaeology (MoLA)

February 2012: Come Hell and High Water: Foreshore Archaeology and the London Blitz
Gustav Milne, Institute of Archaeology, University College London

March 2012: Ancient Cyprus in London
Thomas Kiely, Cyprus Digitisation Project, The British Museum

April 2012: A Hidden Landscape Revealed: Excavations at Syon
Bob Cowie, Museum of London Archaeology (MoLA)

May 2012: Recent Excavations at Holborn Viaduct
David Saxby, Museum of London Archaeology (MoLA)

June 2012: Drapers’ Gardens: a deeply stratified urban site
Neil Hawkins, Senior Archaeologist, Pre-Construct Archaeology

July 2012: Excavations at the London Mint 1986-88
Ian Grainger, Museum of London Archaeology (MoLA)

August 2012: Guided walk in Hampstead

September 2012: Introducing the Archaeology of Japan: Jomon, Yayoi and Kofun periods
Prof. Gina Barnes, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London

October 2012: London’s Food Plant Remains
Karen Stewart, Archaeobotanist, Museum of London Archaeology (MoLA)

November 2012: The Moving Story of the Temple of Mithras: New Designs for an Old Temple
John Shepherd, Consultant Archaeologist

COLAS Lectures 2011

January 2011: The Diamond Sutra
Dr. Frances Wood, The British Library

February 2011: The Story of the Elgin Marbles
James Beresford, Minerva magazine

March 2011: Kingsmead Quarry, Horton
Gareth Chaffey, Wessex Archaeology

April 2011: Clocks and Watches
David Thompson, British Museum

May 2011: Caerleon (Wales) and the late Roman Military in Roman Britain
Dr. Andrew Gardner, Institute of Archaeology

June 2011: The Lewis Chessmen
Dr. Irving Finkel, British Museum

July walk 2011: Elizabethan London
Led by John Gibson, City Guide

August 2011: New Discoveries in Bronze Age Iran
Ian Jones

September 2011: The Shoreditch Theatre
Heather Knight, Museum of London Archaeology

October 2011: The London Hospital and the King of the Resurrection Men
Louise Fowler of MoLA

November 2011: The Enigma that is Shadwell
Alistair Douglas, Pre-Construct Archaeology

COLAS Lectures 2010

January 2010: Excavating in Egypt - Rediscovery and Change
Dr. Patricia Spencer, Director of the Egypt Exploration Society

February 2010: Roman Sculpture in London: 400 years of quarrying, supply and carving
Dr. Kevin Haywood, Reading University

March 2010: Recent fieldwork on the City's Scheduled Monuments
Dr. Jane Sidell, English Heritage, Inspector of Ancient Monuments

April 2010: Deptford and Chichester, an Archaeological Comparison
Joanna Taylor, PreContruct Archaeology

May 2010: Excavations at Copped Hall, Epping
Christina Holloway, MoLA/WEAC

June 2010: Roman glass making in London
Angela Wardle, Museum of London

July 2010 walk: Oddities along a London Ley Line
Led by Roy Walker, COLAS

August 2010: Members' Night

September 2010: Excavations at Holywell Priory, Shoreditch
Hana Lewis, MoLA

October 2010: Greek tragedy and the archaeology of the Crimea
By Prof Edith Hall, Royal Holloway

November 2010: Excavations at the Roman cemetery Trinity Square Southwark
Douglas Killock, PCA

COLAS Lectures 2009

January 2009: The archaeology of Nazareth from the 1st century BC to 13th century AD
Dr. Ken Dark, University of Reading

February 2009: Recent excavations at the Walbrook and Bucklersbury House
Ian Blair, MOLAS

March 2009: Investigations in and around Southwark Cathedral
Nathalie Cohen, Thames Discovery Programme

April 2009: Child health in London: 1000 years of human growth
Dr. Daniel Antoine, Institute of Archaeology

May 2009: The London Priory of the Hospitallers
Pamela Willis, Museum of the Order of St. John

June 2009: The Playhouses of Tudor London
Julian Bowsher, MoLA

July 2009 walk: Holland Park and its Artistic Neighbours
Led by Robert Stephenson, City Guide

August 2009: Algeria before Islam
Ian Jones, former curator of Harlow Museum

September 2009: Visit to the London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre (LAARC)

October 2009: Violets and Kangaroos: Great War Archaeology from Salisbury Plain to Plugstreet Wood
Martin Brown, MoD & Plugstreet Project

November 2009: From the Ice Age to Essex, Excavations on the Essex Gravels
Pamela Greenwood

COLAS Lectures 2008

January 2008: Pompei, probably the best known Roman site in the world
Denise Allen, Andante Travels

February 2008: Victorian LondonL: An Archaeological Perspective
Rupert Featherb, MOLAS

March 2008: The Great Fire of London: Myths & Realities
Meriel Jeater, Museum of London

April 2008: Finds from the Thames Foreshore
Hazel Forsyth, MOLAS

May 2008: Recent finds at New Change and the Cheapside hoard
David Saxby, MOLAS

June 2008: Reconstructing the Tudor Kitchens at Hampton Court
Marc Meltonville, Historic Royal Kitchens

July 2008: The City of London Cemetery and Crematorium
David McCarthy, City of London Cemetery & Crematorium

August 2008: Guided walk through Whitechapel led by City Guide Robert Stephenson

September 2008: Channel Rail Link investigations in the Lea Valley
Andy Crockett, Wessex Archaeology

October 2008: Excavations at Drapers Gardens
Neil Hawkins, Pre-Construct Archaeology

November 2008: The archaeology of Jamestown, Virginia
Geoff Egan, Museum of London

Friday 19 January 2018
Tower Bridge and the Bridge House Estates
Dirk Bennett,
Exhibition Development Manager
Tower Bridge Exhibition

Friday 16 February 2018
AGM and Lecture
Uncivilised Genes: Human Evolution and the Urban Paradox
Gustav Milne, UCL

Friday 18 March 2018
The Archaeology of Western Sicily
Ian Jones

Friday 20 April 2018
The Rediscovery of Roman London: From John Stow to William Stukeley
John Clark, Curator Emeritus
Museum of London

Friday 18 May 2018
Septimus Severus, First Hammer of the Scots
Dr Simon Elliott

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